Learn a card trick and become happy

When I was about 14 years old i learned to do a simple card trick. Nothing fancy it was a trick about finding a spectators selected card in a fun manner. Now that I think about it i think the effect went like this: the spectator selected a card from a shuffles deck. Then I took the card and shuffled it back into the deck, then the spectator was allowed to shuffle the cards as well. Then I took the deck and went through it. I now selected four different cards, these cards were placed facedown on the table. And now the spectator had to select a card that they liked. The card was turned face up and it was seen to be the correct card: the card that they had just selected a couple of moments earlier!


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Why learn a card trick?

So the above effect was quite cool and i performed it for all my friends and all of my family. When they were too tired of the effect and did not want to see it anymore i moved on to something that was a little bit more difficult to perform. Then I learned a card trick that was more fancy, and this time instead of just finding one selected card I actually learned how to find three different cards that three different spectators and selected. It was an amazing thing to perform and the reason why i think that you should learn a card trick as well is because of how great it feels to show something amazing to your spectators and look at how astonishing looks they have on their faces. That feeling is priceless and when you try it once, you want to experience it again and again and again!

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