Apple estimated ipad app sales

The developer of Weather HD for iPad named Vimov has recently published that an iPad App sales are based on its own top ten volumes and iPad is currently selling at over $372,000 by Apple per day and is nearly to touch $1 billion annual sales in around a couple of years.

Weather HD title, the first iPad specific apps selling in most of iTunes stores were estimated $0.99 before availability of iPad and successfully sold 2000 copies with placing itself fourth in iTunes top selling list. Its number just comes behind accordingly Apples own Page, Numbers and Keynote.

After launching iPad and before coming in top twenty, the sell of title touched 3,500 units per day and lastly taunted on #3 spot, said Vimod.

Company said that high start, dip and jump surely affected the sales criteria and made us more noticeable about the process of selling in various App stores by comparing Weather HD sales and ranks to the other application ranks and even mixing Apple top grossing list to a number of other applications and informed that we are estimating the flow of money in App Store.

The company resources said, it is estimated that through the middle April, the top 1,000 iPad apps earned a sum of $372,000 or more per day. Vimov calculated without estimating new growth in installed base of iPad users,  Make your own iPad case, an annual market of $136 million and more than $272 million, if the international users begin to involve in iPad launch.

The company reports that users down loaded ten billion apps in just first three days when Apple launched App stores in 2008. The selling progress step by step and will touch a billion apps in April 2009 and then may touch 2 billion in September and successively 3 billion in January 2010.

Vimov said recently that iPad may hit billion dollars or more in a couple of year. It is a difficult task to separate iPad application from iPhone apps because most of the apps are packaged as universal Binaries that works for both platforms including supplying unique, optimized interfaces for each one. As Apple don’t count app update as a new app download that’s why upgrade of any apps will not be counted as new sales or download that is applied for both users of iPad and iPhone.

Sundan itself did not reply to request for comment. The court could not be reached for comment.

A Shanghai court is set to hold a hearing on Wednesday on a request for an injunction against an iPad sales there.

The Chinese customs has also yet to act on an attempt by Proview to get imports and exports of an iPad through the Chinese ports blocked. The measure with the largest potential for damage to Apple because all iPads that the US company sells worldwide are manufactured in China. In a letter sent to the company’s chairman, Apple said that Proview was damaging Apple business in China, and demanded that the firm stop misrepresenting facts of the case to Chinese media.

The letter, a copy of which was seen by the FT, claims that Mr Yang himself knew of an authorized transfer of the trademarks to an Apple, but had continued to make “false and misleading statements’ by claiming the Shenzhen unit had known nothing about the sale.