Produce your vegetables in your vegetable garden

In preparing for a perfectly cultivated soil in your garden, you will be needing this amazing machines to make the work faster. It cultivates the soil in no time ready for the vegetables and any plants you are planning to plant. But in gardening, there are some things that be considered first. Some of this trendy growing involves using things like railway sleepers and old tyres for growing your vegetables, and now they are discovering that these old sleepers and maybe next old tyres are breaking down and the toxic products could end up being absorbed by the vegetables and then by YOU!….so what’s the point of producing healthy food if you could end up poisoning yourself?
Tyres aren’t just made of rubber, they are made of many other man-made substances which are designed for use on roads not producing food. Also tyres are held together with steel wire which may have been galvanised to stop it rusting, this substance contains zinc and cadmium. The inside of a tyre was never designed to support wet soil and grow food even for one day of it’s life, and this wet soil and the roots of your vegetables may be assisting the leeching out of the chemicals that are contained in the tyre. According to some sources (Reference 42 Chalker-Scott Linda. bottom of Wiki page) it has now been found that certain chemicals are leeching out from old tyres that could cause liver damage and who knows what else?. Do you really want your vegetables to absorb these chemicals and do you really want to eat food produced this way?

Also plastic containers for vegetables. Can the plastic break down and leak some of it’s chemicals into the soil and get absorbed by your vegetables. I have had plastic buckets which have turned a misty transparent colour after the dye or chemical which gave the bucket it’s colour has washed out over time. Is this chemical colour toxic? Would this get absorbed by my vegetables and harm me? There is evidence from all the plastic which has been dumped into the sea that the marine life is absorbing these toxic materials. So why cant your vegetables? If you must use containers for growing vegetables why not use untreated wood? Or better still, Grow your vegetables the natural way and that is how this was done very successfully for many a year. Besides plastic buckets or really plastic anything do not seem to last to long on a farm/smallholding or when producing food because of the knocks and bangs and sometimes abuse these implements get. So if you can stick to metal or wooden implements which are stronger, repairable and completely recyclable or can be disposed of in an environmentally way. They may cost more initially but probably work out costing far less over time.

Know Your Ground:
One thing i think is vastly over looked and i think most important is the area and/or the soil in which you are attempting to produce your vegetables in your vegetable garden and prepare for your garden you need to use this Amazing Machines that will help cultivates the soil in no time. I am not talking on the condition or how good the soil is here but what exactly is in it and what was it or was used for before.
For example: The previous occupants of your house, did they dump the ash from their fire in this area? Ash from coal fires isn’t great have any veg in. Did they use this area for dumping rubbish or burning rubbish, burning plastic, burying old tins or containers which may contain chemicals etc.? I don’t mean to be alarmist but if you when digging your soil over start to find ash or blackened objects, rusty old metal, bits of plastic and old containers, then chemicals from these substances could have leached out or mixed with the soil and these chemicals could be absorbed by your vegetables and then consumed by you and your family. So definitely not an ideal place to set up a vegetable garden or in fact produce any food.
This all may seem obvious to some people, but remember that a lot of the contents of a garden dump may have completely rotted away and all that is left besides the odd visible sign is the invisible chemical remains contained in the soil which may be not very nice if they ever got inside your body, and even after building a house there is a spot where the waste was dumped and maybe burnt and there could be toxins present in this area so not a great place for vegetables or any food.

So inspect your soil. Dig it well over and cultivate it using a Tiller machine, make sure it is clean and do not produce any of your food in areas where you know or suspect may have been used for dumping or burning.
Bought In Materials:- I once had a delivery of manure from a farm which turned out to contain all sorts of rubbish. Needless to say the manure wasn’t used, but remember this when you purchase manure or topsoil. Find out exactly where the manure is from and inspect the contents prior to delivery and also inspect the contents as much as possible before they tip them on your land because removing dumped manure will be expensive to remove once tipped, as I found out!

Notes for grow it yourself vegetable production:
If you are growing your own food for yourself or to sell what is the point if you are causing more food to be thrown away than what you would normally be doing if buying from a supermarket, or causing more energy to be used in your little venture than what would be used in a more efficient operation?
Your food producing venture has to be efficient, cost effective and have zero waste, this can only be achieved by making a plan and sticking to it but also allowing for mishaps and disasters. Producing too much food than you need is ok as long as that excess food is put back into other food production like animals so reducing the amount of bought in animal food, it is pointless to dump or compost excess food.